Pyrgos can found at the highest point of Santorini, with panoramic views of the whole island all the way to the village of Oia. This hillside village was declared a protected settlement in 1995. Pyrgos is a typical Fortress Settlement of the Cyclades. On the hilltop you can find ruins of Kasteli Castle, one of the five 'kastelia' on the island. Although there are many reports that Pyrgos was the capital of Santorini in the mid 18th century, the truth is that Pyrgos has never been the island's capital.There is a memorial plaque near the entrance to the castle, commemorating those who died in the Second World War. Traditional architecture, remains of neo-classical mansions, narrow winding paths leading up the hillside, small white houses, galleries, vineyards, churches, breathtaking sunsets ... Pyrgos is truly magical. If you make your way up from the main square towards the mansion of Zannos Melathron and up, you will discover one or two wonderful hillside cafes from which you can sip on a glass of wine and breathe in the sunsets and the panoramic views. Pyrgos at Easter Time Holy Good Friday 'Megali Paraskevi', and 'Epitaphios' Lamentations: The whole hillside is lit up with burning fire brands. The sight is spectacular. Holy Easter Sunday ' Kyriaki tou Pascha' Celebration: In Pyrgos Square an effigy is burnt and there are fireworks, lamb on the spit and wine. Pyrgos offers a Wealth of History, Museums & Churches Near to the village of Pyrgos and crowning Mount Profitis IIias is a monastery of the same name which was dedicated to the prophet Elijah. The monastery has an important museum - the Icons & Relics Collection. 'Vanishing Santorini' Exhibition is a look into Santorini's past.

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