Amoudi bay is located in northern-east part of island below magical place called Oia. You can come there on foot or using a transportation like scooter or car. If you decide for the first option, prepare for walking on the stairs, which are quit steep. In past times, when tourists rarely visited Santorini and most of population on the island were natives, this path was used as transportation way between bay and village. The main sorts of transportation were donkeys. Riding them through this long stairway is touristic attraction and it represents very profitable business for local population. Other options are of course easier, with no more then couple minutes of driving. What Amoudi bay is famous for are his traditional Greek taverns with fresh fish and amazingly romantic sunsets. During the sunset this place is over crowded. Young couples and families are enjoying astonishing sunsets, which are unique just for Santorini. In that period everything is calm, there is no unnecessary noise and people are watching how big red ball is dropping down into the sea. Recently, all in effort to modernize this place which is authentic for years, couple of bars were opened, where young people from all over the island can come and enjoy cocktail’s until morning hours. After you pass all the taverns you will find a hidden Amoudi bay beach. For the funs of small, tiny beaches this will be a revelation. Come and visit Amoudi, because words can’t describe all.