The entertainment choices on Santorini are as plentiful just as the night is long. Santorini is very famous for that but also very good. Most of the bars and night clubs of Santorini are situated in the island’s capital, Fira, but also in the island’s most beautiful area, Oia, and in the two major beach resorts, Kamari and Perissa. Fira is the capital of Santorini Island and also its commercial centre. It fascinates much people and for that reason many café, bars and night clubs have settled there. If you think a visit to Santorini will be a relaxing and peaceful way to spend a vacation with loved ones, or perhaps with friends, you will only be partially right. It is true that Santorini’s magic is first and foremost due to her breathtaking views, history, nature, and mythology. On the other hand, she is famous for something else: her unforgettable bacchanalian nightlife! If you are in search of a Santorini vacation that is anything but cultural, you will not be disappointed–most beach parties start as early as the afternoon. The numerous bars and clubs on the beach provide a perfect way to release pent up stress. Monolithos, Perissa, Kamari have great beaches, bars, chalets and camping. However, the best party beach hands down remains Perivolos. This beach is where you find the young crowd that between dips in the water and sunbathing, they can be found enjoying a bite to eat and many a beachside drink. Beyond the full gamut of sports available, the beach also offers a limitless number of disco-bars full of hundreds of people. A few that are worth mentioning include the Chilli Bar and Wet Stories. Chilli is a great place to escape the tourists and enjoy an almost exclusively Greek crowd, with DJs who take turns really getting the crowd going until all hours. The international tourist scene can be found at Wet Stories a great place to dance to live pop rock. At night the options are so many it is embarrassing. In the centrally located village of Thira you can find anything you want. Some of the best disco bars include Town, Trip in the Music, and Tropical. The most popular dance clubs are Enigma and Koo Club. Both have indoor dance floors, but also boast large outdoor bar areas, with tables, beach chairs and large umbrellas. Only the Koo Club has split floors with a dance floor on the bottom, and a palm tree-framed upstairs terrace with a circular bar, beach chairs and tables with plenty of room to dance. A few other nightclubs worth special mention include the Kira Thira a jazz bar with nightly live music. It is known for its intimate setting, long and narrow shape with twin street access, dim lighting, an elegant wood bar counter, various musical instruments that dangle from the vaulted ceiling, and an anonymous fresco of the battle between Good and Evil. This is one of the most exclusive and famous bars, known for being the spark that ignited the famous Santorini nightlife one of the few able to maintain a faithful yearlong following. Nightlife in Santorini is not over even when at 5am bars and clubs close; this is the hour the crowds gather at the main square for a late night snack of souvlaki gyros or pita. Here they decide what to do next. Sleep? Hell no! Better to enjoy each sunrise in a different way: the classic beach fire, or perhaps a walk to the Pyrgos Monastary at the highest part of the island. If you are not sick of dancing, you can go to one of the many beach dance parties, like at Monolithos, Kamari or Perissa. Kamari and Perissa not only offer opportunities to continue the party after the bars close, but like Thira they offer tourists restaurants, dance clubs and bars. Franco’s bar in Thira offers another completely different way to enjoy a drink in Santorini laying in one of the many beach chairs, admiring the silent sunset while listening to Bach, Beethoven, Mozart. Despite the international crowd that dominates Santorini, many venues still offer a distinct Greek flavor. Many Greek tourists (among other nationalities) enjoy an evening in Thira at one of the many disco-bar (like Lemoni or Pontiki) where you can enjoy Greek music both modern and traditional.